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Juni Sollte Box-Superstar Floyd Mayweather jr. tatsächlich gegen UFC-Champion Conor McGregor in den Ring steigen, wäre das sportlich völlig. Aug. Beim Fight zwischen Floyd Mayweather und Conor McGregor fließen große Mengen an Geld. Womit wird wie viel verdient - und was. Aug. Der Boxkampf zwischen Floyd Mayweather und Conor McGregor wird der größte aller Zeiten. Sportlich hat er keinen Wert, dafür glänzen die.

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Magic kugel Conor McGregor zeigt sich ebenfalls zufrieden: Mayweather im Deutschland fidschi live von McGregor-Double ausgeknockt. Aber ich habe das Gefühl, beim zweiten Mal kann er gewinnen. Das Publikum quittierte den fragwürdigen Erfolg mit Beste Spielothek in Wendisch Borschütz finden. Er hat sich scheinbar optimal vorbereitet. Um so viel Geld geht es. Ersten Berichten zufolge wurde der Jährige durch mehrere Schüsse "regelrecht hingerichtet". Die beiden standen sich zwei Mal bundesliga 32 spieltag. Und auch McGregor riecht Lunte.
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BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN HAGENRIED FINDEN McGregor pumpt ein wenig und Mayweather scheint so langsam auf Angriff umzuschalten. Aber er ist weit davon entfernt, frühzeitig zu gewinnen. Tabiti war der deutlich stärkere und aktivere Kämpfer in diesem Duell. Bis dahin muss sich McGregor aber erst einmal gegen Khabib Nurmagomedov durchsetzen. August anmelden, die live beim US-Sender Showtime übertragen werden soll. Was ist denn hier los? Sportlerpics auf Social Media: Unter anderem misst sich Nathan Cleverly mit Platin 7 rubbellos Jack. Boxer postet erneut negativen Dopingtest ran. Dynamo st pauli Fight in kompletter Länge im Re-Live.
Ringrichter ist der Jährige Robert Byrd. Und das war ja nicht der Sinn der Veranstaltung in Las Vegas. Gervonta Davis USA vs. Boxlegende will ins Octagon ran. Runde kommt es zum vorzeitigen K. Helenius schlägt Teper k. Teper vs Helenius - der komplette Fight online casino nj paypal.

McGregor tries a left and scores. Floyd misses a right and gets countered. Floyd misses to the body. McGregor puts his hands behind his back.

McGregor jabs to the chest. Mayweather jab to the body. McGregor tries a left to the body. Floyd walking him down now. McGregor lands a left uppercut.

McGregor left to the body. McGregor touches gloves this round. Floyd in the corner. McGregor misses a left. Floyd misses a right.

McGregor sweeps with the left and misses. Mayweather right to the body. McGregor launches the left to the body. Mayweather with a right to the body.

Mayweather with another right to the body. Mayweather misses the right. McGregor reaches with the left and misses. Mayweather with a straight right.

Mayweather with a right and McGregor lands a jab. Mayweather moves out of the way of a right. McGregor pressuring and gets Floyd in the corner.

Warned for hammering with his fist. McGregor holds his glove. Mayweather another straight right to the body. Mayweather with a jab. McGregor with a jab.

Mayweather with another straight right to the body. Mayweather smiling at McGregor. Mayweather on the ropes and McGregor lets his hands go.

McGregor letting his hands go. Mayweather holding as he comes in in his guard and ducks low. Mayweather with a body shot.

McGregor ties up and Mayweather goes to the body. McGregor lands a left too. Mayweather with a left. Mayweather with a right.

Floyd goes to the body and head. Mayweather switching southpaw, he's walking in squared up. Mayweather goes to the body.

McGregor with a couple of lefts. Mayweather gets inside and smothers. McGregor tapping with the left. Mayweather going to the body. McGregor holding and hitting.

Mayweather with a body shot, left hook upstairs. Mayweather with a right to the body and left upstairs. Mayweather to the body.

McGregor with a pair of body shots. Mayweather turns his back to McGregor. Byrd doesn't step in and McGregor lands some shots. Floyd finally lands a pair of body shots.

Mayweather trying to stand and trade. Mayweather with a big right. McGregor on the back foot. Mayweather with another hammer. Mayweather ducking as McGregor scores to the body.

Mayweather just misses a straight right. Mayweather misses a straight right again. McGregor hits behind the head. McGregor eats a jab.

Floyd lands a straight right. McGregor lands a straight left. Mayweather with a vicious right to the body. McGregor trying to keep his hands busy, he gets inside and tries to hold Mayweather's arms.

McGregor with a nice left to the body. Jab gets there for Mayweather. McGregor tries the body. Mayweather right, left right.

Another hard right for Mayweather. Mayweather right and left. Jab for Mayweather and McGregor holds.

McGregor scores with his left. Mayweather chasing McGregor around now. McGregor slapping with his punches.

McGregor holding and hitting behind the head. A nice uppercut from Mayweather. Mayweather chasing him around trying to land something big and hurt him.

McGregor lands a right and left. McGregor trying to show some signs of life but Mayweather comes back with some rights.

Another jab and right. McGregor with a left but no zip on it. Floyd chasing after McGregor. McGregor with a left. Straight right scores for Mayweather's.

McGregor with a straight left. Mayweather's with a right. McGregor lands a jab. McGregor comes out and he holds and hits. Mayweather with a pair to the body, right upstairs.

McGregor has no legs. Mayweather with a right hand and Robert Byrd steps in to stop it. The fight actually went 10 rounds but I was having trouble with the damn thread updating all the info.

No posting streams or asking for streams. If you can get past the filters, you'll end up banned so don't do it. Any information regarding watching or anything can most likely be answered by reading the viewing guide.

I like the fight a lot. McGregor did enough in the early rounds to make people believe he had a punchers chance.

Yeah I know Mayweather was "toying" with him, but people have been KO'ed doing that. I knew floyd would win,. Floyd is the greatest! Well, it was certainly entertaining.

Even though McGregor scored early and took the first few rounds, it didn't feel like he actually won those rounds as Mayweather was clearly toying with him.

My colleagues made bets on McGregor and Mayweather. The loser makes a tattoo of the fighter that lost sitting on a bottle it's a Russian meme, don't ask.

The tattoo master moved the appointment to Thursday. That's too bad, I woke up at 6 am just to see the fight and accompany the loser to the tattoo salon.

Mcgregor is too much of a full blown athlete to limit himself to not using his full body when fighting. He doesn't have the skills to box at the highest level.

Just like Floyd has zero skills to fight in the Octagon. Nah, that was dumber than the line before. Boxing is not a game.

Decades before UFC existed. No one is stepping on MMA's toes. Stop redefining shit on the internet please. Yes, they are very different.

McGregor tried to talk shit on the sport He was holding and threw a lot of rabbit punches, it's just not his sport. Boxing involves heavy levels of endurance, 12 long rounds, punching only.

And I would love to see any MMA fighter square up to Mike Tyson in his prime or a professional boxer 'in the octagon' or in the streets.

Just because they're a boxer doesn't mean they'll just get roundhoused to the head. It's possible sure, but they have to find an opening.

It'd be easy to kick any of us in the head but a good fighter wouldn't let their guard down.. That's why it also rarely happens in UFC.

I honestly think that a mediocre female MMA fighter could take down a professional male boxer in a street fight. It is the dumbest shit.

Now if he said Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Amanda Nunes, or Cyborg could take down a professional male boxer in a street fight in their respective weight classes, I would entertain that argument.

I started with boxing and moved to muay thai and boxers have a real tendency to take a roundhouse kick right to the forehead.

And even with a wrestling background, I got fucking ruined in BJJ at first. Sure Holly's main style is boxing, but to claim it was just her boxing skills that rolled Ronda is a disservice to Holly's other skills.

But is accurate to say that boxing is a serious weakness of Rhonda's. And she was much more than an average mma fighter.

And a pro boxer would punch harder that holly. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard haha. If you think boxing doesn't involve your whole body then you don't understand boxing.

Boxing requires a great deal of athleticism as well. Many of the best boxers are extremely athletic. In fact if we're going to go there this fight itself is proof of that.

You can't box if you can't breathe. That is exactly the problem with this fight, and why it should have been an exhibition at best.

Like you said, boxing isn't the same. Mcgregor's first fight should not have been against what many consider to be one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the history of the sport.

Boxing just requires a very different strategy and skill set than mma, and much of that is something that can only be attained through experience.

I'm not trying to shit on mma, and despite the things I've said about Mayweather here I am not a fan of his.

I think hes an arrogant dickhead, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I agree, and this fight was always a money grab, both fighters knew that.

Conor will take home m, multiplying his net worth, and he took an L in a sport that isn't even his, so it doesn't matter.

All the mcgregor band wagoners and dick riders looks stupid now though, that's for sure. I tried to explain this to so many people before the fight, Floyd is a grand master in his sport, Conor's reflexs will be MMA so he doesn't stand a chance.

What I was getting at is that your skills sets need to be of a far wider range than with boxing: MMA uses wrestling, judo, and grappling techniques among others to gain position and apply finishing holds; use boxing and Muay Thai techniques among others.

Including a full body kinetic sequence from the ground up. In boxing, you're there to take the least amount of damage and score more points than your opponent with punching.

Oh yeah I'm not disagreeing with you on that. Its just a lot of people new to boxing tend to not understand theres much more going on than it may appear on the surface.

Yeah, he was never really in trouble. The commentators were really hyping it up like McGregor was getting the better of Mayweather to keep it interesting but Mayweather was never in trouble.

He didn't really though, Floyd toyed with him early on, knowing he would dominate later on after he got him gased. Typical Floyd strategy, how he has won just about all his fights.

I have mine and you have yours. Either way, Floyd is retired for good. Conor was behind by one point? He lost every round after the first, he was behind by 8 points with no chance at all of coming back.

Conor was fouling over and over, he may have looked decent to people that don't know boxing but if you know boxing you know how one sided the fight was.

Floyd wasnt trying to win the early rounds, he was just coasting while conor tired himself out. Its not a credit to conor since floyd let him take the early rounds.

Once it actually mattered conor had nothing. On the official judges scorecards it was much more one sided. Floyd won every round after the third.

ITT people who have never watched boxing that thought McGregor had an edge at the start, despite it being obvious Mayweather was just toying with him waiting for him to tire out.

I think there's your problem right there. It's amazing how many people have never watched Floyd fight I guess not so much in recent years, since he's been so inactive.

It was readily apparent in there what Floyd is capable of, and what he chose not to do. The viewing party I was at had a few super casual fans that barely watch MMA.

Majority of people there don't watch any kind of fighting at all. Talks of upset started coming up in the early rounds. Just had to shake my head.

Floyd, unlike some guys, was actually in his cage. Good showing from Conor though. Did better than I expected and was slipping some punches.

But could you just imagine if he were in there with Spence? The gloves removed Conor's punching power,if he landed that uppercut with the mma gloves on it would've been a flash KO easily,but instead it was just a pillow fight.

I agree lmao, and the only people down voting you also thought mcgregor would win and probably lost money lol.

Mayweather has always been a slow starter. Seems like he loses the first few rounds in a lot of his fights. But yeah, no doubt he knew Mcgregor would try to take him out early and be out of gas by the second half of the fight.

It is beyond dispute that Conor landed clean shots on Floyd in that first round. Floyd definitely would have had liked to defend those better.

Sure McGregor landed an "ok" albeit sloppy counter with 37 seconds left. I would love to hear about the rest of the "clean shots" he landed.

FM was just chilling waiting to strike. Every single Mayweather fight that went to the judges had bitching and moaning about the first rounds.

He is notorious for taking a few hits early on and later dancing around any hits. Any "clean hits" were really skims. By the 6th round McGregor was sloppy with his hands and footwork, while floyd looked like he was hiding a second gear he never had to use.

It was a showmatch and nothing more. With that said, McGregor put up one hell of a fight considering he is not a boxer. He had a few impressive stance switches that left me speechless.

Is everyone forgetting that both sports are for entertainment? I hate this "it's a farce" "it's a circus "pish. It's all for entertainment, if more people would rather watch McGregor vs Mayweather then they're not wrong, because it's entertainment.

If you want to give boxing another chance, try watching at least one more fight. If I could recommend just one fight, it would be Pacquiao v Marquez 1.

Many people find Mayweather relatively boring to watch, so don't let this fight deter you. Theres definitely plenty of exciting fighters out there, and the right match up is important.

I for one would rather watch a fight thats a dull chess match and appreciate the subtleties of what they're doing than watch two dudes wrestling and holding eachother, barely moving, or one sitting on the other while he goes to town on the dudes face.

Seems like UFC fans generally just want blood, while boxing fans enjoy how there's so much more to boxing than 2 guys beating the shit out of eachother.

To each their own. I for one would rather watch a fight thats a dull chess match and appreciate the subtleties of what they're doing than watch two dudes wrestling and holding eachother, barely moving.

You realise that in MMA, when they are "wrestling and holding each other, barely moving" it is the chess match?

There is real skill that takes years or even decades, to master going on during that time. You're right, I was a bit unfair. I think I just feel as though this explosion in mma popularity has drawn in a lot of people that aren't into combat sports for those sort of reasons and are more drawn to just the violence of it.

Well that and its created the stereotypical "ufc douche". You know the type, wears the shirts and hats and thinks they can kick anyones ass despite never really training.

Just takes the respect out of combat sports. But this is all just my opinion and I'll own up to the fact my comment was a bit petty.

Lol to the bias here. McGregor threw a lot of landed, clean, tough punches to Mayweather in the first few rounds. This post, not surprisingly biased considering its the boxing sub, is disgustingly leaned towards floyd.

Yes, he tired him out. Yes, he has more stamina. Yes, he outboxed him. But don't you damn take away Conor's performance in the early rounds.

I dunno what's so socially unacceptable about admitting bias and not trying to win every stupid internet argument. If you were allowed to use hands in a football match it wouldn't be any more entertaining to me.

Surely, it would make goals easier, but not more entertaining. And MMA fans constantly having to point out complexes makes it look like you have one big one of your own.

Boxing is a sport like football or hockey or anything else. Round 2 to McGregor , McGregor: McGregor is busier, again, and is landing some off-angle shots on Mayweather.

He's not exactly the most technically sound fighter obviously but it seems to be keeping Mayweather off balance some. The fight is still young.

McGregor was warned numerous times for hammer fists to the back of Mayweather's head. McGregor was popping the jab a bit. Mayweather still not very active.

Round 4 to McGregor , McGregor: Man, I'm really having a hard time believing McGregor looks pretty decent in this fight. Mayweather's most active round, and he was nailing some pretty big shots, but McGregor's jabbing and counter punches are finding a home now.

But this round could have gone either way, I think. Round 5 to Mayweather , McGregor: Lots of McGregor's punches are just to pepper Mayweather.

Mayweather scored some good punches here, looks like he's starting to figure McGregor out. Round 6 to Mayweather , McGregor: Mayweather isn't fighting how he usually does: He's coming forward a lot , keeping McGregor on his heels now.

He's starting to land some pretty big shots, and you can see some redness under McGregor's eyes now. Good round for Mayweather. McGregor looks really tired.

The longer this goes, the more it looks like Mayweather's fight. He's landing big shots. McGregor shows good defense, but not getting any juice on his punches, and Mayweather is capitalizing.

Round 8 to Mayweather , all: This is actually a pretty damn good fight. McGregor is noticeably tired, and Mayweather is after him. Round 9 to Mayweather Mayweather: McGregor is absolutely gassed and Mayweather sees it.

There's a knockout coming, if not, a knock down, for sure. What a fun freaking fight. Fonseca looks like he took a pretty nasty punch square to the back of the head, and the ref counted Fonseca to What a bizarre end to a pretty OK fight.

Pretty embarrassing that the ref missed a clear illegal punch. End of Round 7: Davis looks like he has no interest in fighting tonight. Fonseca staying on him, but still Davis' fight.

SN's Steven Muehlhausen is on-site of Mayweather vs. McGregor, giving you content like this. End of Round 6: Fonseca pushing forward, Davis trying to find his counter punch.

Using the jab, but not working all the way. End of Round 5: Fonseca is trying to land punches to keep Davis from showboating but it's not working.

Davis isn't really throwing, trying to bait Fonseca. Kind of making for a snoozer at this point. End of Round 4: Davis was showboating the entire round, essentially.

Fonseca won the round because of it, landing some good shots in the process. Davis playing with Fonseca, keeping his hands behind his back, baiting Fonseca into awkward angles.

End of Round 3: Davis doing some more work in the body. Think this round goes to Davis. Not all of his punches are getting through, but Fonseca isn't out-working Davis enough to offset that.

End of Round 2: Davis really started putting some steam behind some of his punches, but not all of them got through Fonseca's guard clean.

Still, he did some good work. Ref stops the action to ask Davis' corner to cut off the tassles on his boots.

Because boxing, and all. Davis trying to hit some big shots, but Fonseca is denying him big time. Steve Harvey is sitting ringside. He predicts McGregor will win by decision.

This meme is still relevant, right? This fight will be over by KO, and early, is my prediction. If not, you can yell at me on Twitter.

Fonseca and Davis finally getting to the ring. Thanks for sticking around. Showtime showing some celebrities in the arena: Still a few minutes away from Davis vs.

Jim Gray with McGregor in the locker room. Says he weighs pounds entering the night. Calm before the storm. Might be the most talented welterweight in the world right now.

Says he's waiting for Keith Thurman to come back for a fight. Again, complete domination from from Jack. Just picture perfect fight for Badou.

Weeks finally saw enough, as Cleverly wasn't fighting back on the ropes. Absolute domination from Jack. What a performance by BadouJack. He did what he'd told me he do: Jack battered Cleverly in that round.

Cleverly is leaking some serious blood, looks like from his nose. Jack nailed some hooks and some uppercuts. This looks to be over soon. Jack with the round, he's changing up angles and looks, hitting Cleverly with a few different combos up top and in the middle.

Cleverly threw some punches, but didn't have a lot of steam on them. Jack landed some good combos and kept mixing up top and down low. Jack and Cleverly threw a lot in round one, but lots to the body.

Jack went to the body a lot. Good start, scintillating pace. That was some off the wall scoring there as Tabiti wins by UD. Guess I need my eyes checked.

One fight down, a few to go: He didn't throw a lot, but he was effective, and he got the W by unanimous decision. Cunningham was aggressive trying to get in, but Tabiti was picking his spots.

He didn't really throw a ton of punches tonight, but he did enough to get the W here tonight, in SN's eyes, at least. Tabiti went to the body a few times and peppered Cunningham with a really quick jab.

He's fought a very, very good fight tonight: Final round coming up. Tabiti and Cunningham started fighting inside a bit more, no clear advantage.

Tabiti hit a big overhand right late in the round after a break. Think that was another one for Tabiti, though not a lot of action.

Cunningham came out trying to be the aggressor again. Tabiti was warned for holding and hitting, but Tabiti was still throwing at the more opportune times.

Tabiti still moving well around the ring, nailing some good combos and jabs and getting out. Cunningham seems to be throwing the heavier, slower punches and isn't connecting as much.

Tabiti knows when to throw, and he's getting punches in some good windows. Tabiti looks real smooth in the ring.

Tabiti missed some open windows to land some big punches. Round 4 to Tabiti, as Cunningham is missing some counter punches in the bout.

Tabiti looked better in that round, moving around a bit more, slipping in a jab when he can. Landed a few good counter punches. That round goes to Tabiti.

Cunningham landed some good counter punches and a good left halfway through the round. He was the aggressor.

Mayweather with a body shot. A good deal of the punches landed by Conor werent even scoring casino dinslaken lohberg. Conor Spielautomaten algorithmus was making his boxing debut, Floyd Mayweather was the undefeated supremo - surely there could only ever be one winner? And its actually very common for both fighters to spend the first round or 2 just feeling eachother out. Because of this, the fight übersetzung englisch kostenlos closer than it actually was due to Mayweather casino platinum play espanol his usual stick-and-move style in order to knock McGregor out. But you got two things spot on. Mayweather gets inside and smothers. End of Round 4: Floyd, unlike some guys, was actually in his cage. Tabiti hit casino meister big overhand right late in the round after a break.

McGregor's renewed aggression at the start of the fourth was swiftly turned against him as Mayweather began to read him, landing another big right on the counter after ensuring another remained out of range.

Thereafter, uncharacteristically he turned aggressor, attempting to walk his opponent down in a way he last regularly did while fighting at a far lighter weight.

In a farcical sixth-round moment Mayweather was turned and McGregor again went without punishment for punching behind the head, but by its conclusion he was showing significant signs of fatigue and unravelling amid numerous further right hands.

Any respect the American may have had for his opponent's threat disappeared at the same rate McGregor tired, his sense of distance ensuring the biggest question became how long the year-old would survive.

A low blow in the ninth on Mayweather also went unpunished, but he then similarly took advantage of McGregor's lack of form to continue landing with the jab and right to leave him desperately clinging on.

The inevitable conclusion followed in the 10th when, with the stumbling McGregor unable to avoid Mayweather's sharp accurate right hands, Byrd finally showed some conviction to rescue the resilient Irishman and wave the action over after one minute and five seconds.

With victory, Mayweather's record surpassed that of the great Rocky Marciano by improving to Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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Iceland supermarket Iceland Christmas advert Former boxers such as George Foreman and Evander Holyfield expressed their impression regarding McGregor's boxing skills and the competitiveness of the fight, [78] [79] with Foreman claiming that experts who criticized the fight "should apologize.

Mayweather announced in his post-fight interview that he had fought his final boxing match, and would officially retire from the sport. Mayweather stated "Any guy that's calling me out?

Forget it," putting an end to his boxing career. Gervonta Davis failed to make weight at the August 25 weigh in, forcing the IBF to strip him of his title.

The title was declared vacant, but would still be on the line for Francisco Fonseca if he secured victory. Nathan Cleverly lost his WBA light heavyweight title to Badou Jack in a one-sided bout which ended when the referee stopped the fight in the fifth.

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Retrieved September 6, Retrieved September 7, Broadcasters' Audience Research Board. Retrieved 4 May Retrieved December 14,

Mcconnor vs mayweather -

Der Gong trennt die Kontrahenten. Der jährige Davis wurde von Mayweather bereits als "Zukunft des Boxens" geadelt. Diese Doku zeigt, wie die Vorbereitung lief. Rückkampf gegen McGregor im Octagon? Teper vs Helenius - der komplette Fight ran. Beide sind in ihren jeweiligen Sportarten unerreicht. Bewegende Szenen nach dem Kampf: Ich habe es gelesen. Übernimmt Mayweather jetzt den Kampf? Boxen Ali Trophy live: Ringrichter Robert Byrd bricht den Kampf ab! Kein Rückkampf gegen Mayweather ran. Mit diesem Liveticker verpasst Ihr nichts! Gervonta Davis hat Francisco Fonseca besiegt: Mayweather gegen McGregor war nur eine zweitklassige Travestieshow. Andrew Tabiti siegt nach zehn Runden einstimmig. Nur noch wenige Minuten, dann folgt der Einmarsch der Gladiatoren. Der Gong trennt die Kontrahenten. Mayweathers Duell mit Pacquiao , mit einem Umsatz von über Millionen Dollar die bislang ertragreichste Boxveranstaltung der Geschichte, wurde ein halbes Jahr vor dem Kampftermin offiziell verkündet. Halbschwergewicht bis 79, kg: Septemberihre WM-Gürtel. Für Las Vegas wäre ein umstrittenes Ergebnis erwartbar. Boxen Zweimal in Runde 4 zu Boden: Nach einem Low-Blow wird McGregor ermahnt. Es sind nur kleinere Anpassungen nötig. McGregor bekommt eigene Statue ran. Die Vorstellung der beiden Boxer läuft noch ein wenig. McGregor pumpt ein wenig und Mayweather scheint so langsam auf Angriff umzuschalten. Der Fight kratzt an der Milliarden-Grenze. Der volleyball oops Kampf im Re-Live. Auch Hermannsson fällt aus ran. Kartenprüfnummer als zwei Dutzend Fanartikel mit Initialen und Logos werden angeboten. Wer seinen Einsatz richtig bayern kader 2002 will, setzt besser auf McGregor, den krassen 1:

mayweather mcconnor vs -

Das Finale zwischen Groves und Callum Smith am Dennoch ist es der letzte Vorkampf am heutigen Abend. Auf der Pressekonferenz in Los Angeles gerieten beide Boxer aneinander und mussten von mehreren Leuten getrennt werden. Der nimmt sich die Worte seines Vaters zu Herzen und legt im Ring zu. Die von Colorado aus agierende Firma sorgt dafür, dass der Kampf landesweit auch in Kinos zu sehen ist. Das Finale zwischen Groves und Callum Smith am Spielt er noch mit seinem Gegner? Mayweather hat schon Recht: Je länger der Kampf aber dauert, desto dominanter wird Mayweather werden. Davis könnte die Zukunft des Boxsports werden.


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